How to Help the Trash Mountain Project

Between 2008 and 2010 Aaron Jack served the 99th District in the Kansas House of Representatives. A supporter of Topeka’s Trash Mountain Project, Aaron Jack currently operates as president of Genius Diversified Holdings, LLC, based in Overland Park, Kansas.

In developing countries such as Honduras and the Philippines, some families are so poor that they actually live in trash dumps, collecting salable recycling materials to survive. Living in a dump creates significant issues for children, such as malnutrition and exposure to biohazards. The Trash Mountain Project is a nonprofit dedicated to establishing Christ-centered platforms to help these families.

The Trash Mountain Project (TMP) provides individuals with a variety of volunteer opportunities. The first step toward supporting TMP is to sign up for the group’s newsletter, which allows volunteers to follow the organization’s activities and projects. TMP encourages interested students to develop a TMP club on campus or to initiate a fundraiser through their local church. Volunteers can further assist TMP by raising awareness for the organization’s mission by throwing a Trash Party or by organizing a screening of the TMP documentary. By visiting, individuals can also sign up for internship opportunities with the organization.


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