The Similarities Between Snow Skiing and Waterskiing

Aaron Jack has served as president of Genius Diversified Holdings, LLC, in Overland Park, Kansas, since 2012. In the past he has served as a Kansas state representative. When Aaron Jack is not overseeing business at Genius Diversified Holdings, he enjoys both snow skiing and waterskiing.

There are a number of similarities linking the sports of snow skiing and waterskiing, beginning with a few shared techniques. Leg strength and an ability to maintain balance over the course of repeated lateral shifts in weight are the keys to success when skiing on both snow and water. The techniques are so comparable, in fact, that a number of water ski enthusiasts use the winter snow ski season to improve their balancing skills. Waterskiing is especially connected in experience to a snowy slalom course, as the two events require athletes to move their legs and rotate their waists without turning their upper body.

Snow skiing and waterskiing also utilize similar equipment. In the past, this may not have been true, but in recent years, the sport of waterskiing has adopted hard-shell boots and bindings in order to minimize the likelihood of serious ankle injuries on the water.


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